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Primary Science Mix And Measure Set Review

Learning Resources Primary Science Mix And Measure Set

Growing kids always want to help out in the kitchen or play with their own toy kitchen set making things and feeding you their wonderful imaginary food. They really like the role playing games like making cakes and cookies, measuring everything, putting it in oven etc.

The Primary Science Mix and Measure Set helps kids in understanding the basics of measurement as they follow simple scientific instructions included in the set. Primary Science Mix and Measure Set from Learning Resources gives your kids the measuring tools to create variety of different items like mystery goo, puffy paint, slime, fruity trail mix and more. It helps them expand their imagination from measuring food items to becoming scientists and making paints that they can later use in crafts and paintings. They can really start experimenting by measuring and mixing things and finding out what is the result.

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Kids will use the right sized measuring sets like cups and jugs to measure and explore new items. The activities are both engaging at the same time educational in teaching kids the basics of measurements.

Learning Resources Primary Science Mix And Measure Set

Primary Science Mix And Measure Set comes with 12 pieces: a scale for weighing, a bowl with a lid, couple of measuring jugs, 4 measuring cups, 3 measuring spoons, and 10 activity cards. Activity cards has step by step instructions for kids to follow in making mystery goo, puffy paint, slime and more. Items you need to make different things are not included in the package, but these items are typically found items in home like corn starch, water etc. The activity cards can be wiped clean, can’t be said the same about your kids’s clothes though. But kids will learn how to use the equipment properly, measuring ingredients accurately and following the right step at the right time, all while having lot of fun.


Primary Science Mix And Measure kit is a fun way of introducing your kids to wonderful world of science experiments. The kit is just right sized and colorful for recommended age of 4 years and above.

This toys does a great job of helping your kids develop problem-solving and thinking skills. Also measuring brings in the essential element of Math in the mix (no pun intended).

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