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Laser Maze Logic Game Review

Laser Maze is a beam bending logic game from ThinkFun, famous for many other educational games. It is a single player puzzle game with an actual laser beam. The goal of the game is to arrange game tokens on the game grid to reflect and split laser beam to hit all the targets.

Laser Maze beam-bending game improves the logical thinking and problem solving skills and helps build sequential reasoning and planning skills.

Laser Maze Logic Game

Laser Maze Beam Bending Game

Laser Maze Beam Bending game is all about how light travels with help of different tokens like splitters and mirrors. Laser Maze comes with a 25 slot game grid and 11 game tokens: 1 Laser (red token), 5 Target/Mirrors (purple tokens), 2 Beam Splitters (green token), 1 Double-Mirror (blue token), 1 Checkpoint (yellow token), 1 Cell Blocker. It also comes with 60 different challenge cards of varying difficulty like beginner level, intermediate level, advanced level, and expert level.

You start by selecting the challenge card and arranging the tokens on the game grid as per the challenge card. The goal of the game is to find out where to put the mystery tokens on the grid so that the laser beam from source will light up the target pieces. You will need to use your logical thinking to figure out missing tokens in challenge card and where to put them to complete the challenge. Checkpoint and blocker tokens are just to increase the difficulty level in challenge. A laser beam must pass through checkpoint token before hitting the target, and blocker piece will take out any one of the slots on the grid as per the challenge card position.

There could be up to three different targets in advanced to expert level challenges. You use double sided mirror and beam splitters to get multiple laser beams from one source. It can get really challenging as you move up the difficulty level. If you can’t figure it out then simply flip the challenge card for solution.

Laser Maze Logic Game

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In today’s age of smartphones and iPads, you can easily download similar game for free. But getting the same game play with real laser is entirely different experience and your kids off the screen, doesn’t sound too bad either. The game isn’t that expensive and does help growing kids with essential problem solving and perseverance skills. Laser Maze Logic game is money well spent and also could also be a wonderful gift option.

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